4 makeup tips for the perfect office look every morning

Women now have to work both in office and at home. Yet, they just look so amazing all the time. If you want to have that picture perfect look throughout the day at the office then here are some tips for you.

The right foundation

You should choose matte finish foundation if you want to look fresh all day If you don’t have any dark circles and your skin is acne-free then choose a foundation that matches the skin tone. This will give you a visibly fresh appearance. You should use a moisturizer after you wash your face.

Rosy cheeks

If you want your cheeks to show off the natural blush, then you should try blush in natural rosy color with shimmer on the lower end. You shouldn’t overdo the color.

Your lips

A good lipstick can make you look smart at the office. According to office etiquette, you should use minimum makeup. You can choose nude colored lipstick or choose one with a matte effect that will look gorgeous at work. You can try shades like pink or rose for getting natural lips. You should avoid dark tones like red at work. It is better to match the color of your lipstick to that of your blush.

Eye makeup

Your eyes are the major point of contact when you speak. You should wear a good primer, foundation, and concealer to hide those dark circles. If you want to put on eye shadow, then you should go for the colors like gray, bronze or brown. You should not use glitters at the office. Then you should apply eyeliner and mascara. Liquid eyeliner can accentuate the eyes. You can use gray or brown colored eyeliner. You should use mascara that doesn’t smudge.

Use these makeup tips for getting ready for office. Makeup will make you look confident and beautiful. You shouldn’t put heavy makeup at the office; it is a major turn off.

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